Relief, Again

I wanted to fight for you But you lost the battle for us both. What a relief that there’s no hope, No need for anymore battles.  What a relief to give in to practical matters. Advertisements


Meeting your greatness is your purpose in life. Isn’t it daunting though? Best to gather it and get rid of it in one sweeping throw.  Best to throw it all away and never see the highest truth. Better to gamble it away because of fear and denial. Fear is exaggerated.  Salvation is exaggerated.


“Out with the old, In with the new” _ _ _ r e l e a s e _ _ _ •••hold.on••• | | | balance | | | Strike forest fires. Bring out essentials. Leave out the ashes. Let the smoke out. Birth out renewal.


A sight, a sigh, A final breakdown, A final goodbye. An acknowledgement,  A friend, A new beginning set in place To bury doubtful intents. “Doubt kills more hopes than fear ever will.”


Running away from the dark, Velocity pulling at the light; Making assumptions the truth, And the truth leaving you blind; Letting go of delusions, Holding on to illusions, Nestling in all comforts, Destroying the war-fronts, For what? ///To make the heart beat To the rhythm of peace. But the beating will surface When it beats […]

Do you see me now?

In the sounds of the wind, I hear you.  I wait, patiently, to talk to you. The dreary lights fade away And the explosions from yesterday  Are washed away While I, I look with nostalgia into the coming days And feel now what I would have felt then. The sun has crawled up and the […]

Smile, Sunshine

There are smiles that hide confusion, That assure you of the peace that prevails, Not revealing the turmoil behind the facade of the calm. These smiles are radiant and bright,  Showing you how everything’s all right.  These smiles are innocent, a vulnerable cry for help.  Then there are smiles that hide the ugly, The smiles […]